Nick Jay’s London Concert

Posted on: June 12, 2010

From Rachel: Nick Jonas surprised fans in London by singing to them in a park right near the theatre. He sung Who I Am and Rose Garden. He couldn’t meet everyone because there were a huge amount of fans there and it’d take to long to take pictures and sign for them. From @ktpartz:

Nick came out to greet about 40 fans and sang for us! He sounded incredible and looked amazing. He’s going to do great in Les Mis!

From Ann: Nick Jonas did a surprise concert in a church park across from Les Miserables theatre today at 6 PM. Big Rob said Nick was planning on doing a shorts for those of us who had waited 7 hours, but as the concert neared the crowd grew quite large.

When the concert was announced the crowd stampeded towards the church where it was to take place. Everyone who had shown up early that morning were left in the back of the crowd and those who showed up 15 minutes were in the front. There was a lot of pushing, shoving, yelling, several fights nearly broke out. He left after whispering two songs, didn’t sign autographs or meet anyone.

Source: Oceanup


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