Want a 3rd Season Of Jonas LA? Write a Letter!!

Posted on: October 7, 2010

Lester Lewis, who is one of the producers of JONAS LA, just shared this bit of very important information with the Jonas fanbase:

Okay guys, if you want to start a campaign for a third season of Jonas LA, here’s where you should send letters. Yes letters. They’re like emails but on paper. Here is the address: Bring Back Jonas, The Disney Channel, 3800 Alameda Ave, Burbank, Ca 91505. But it is going to take A LOT of letters to make a difference, so I’m counting on you!  #BringBackJonasLA

Now you know what to do!

Also, I forgot to post this the day the last episode aired, but I found this little “insider fact” about the accoustic performance of LA Baby to be adorable:

Did u guys like the accoustic performance at the end. That my present to the fans. Nobody understood why I thought it was SO important to end with that… except Joe, Nick and Kevin! It was literally the last thing we shot on the last day.

Source: JonasWorld.Org


1 Response to "Want a 3rd Season Of Jonas LA? Write a Letter!!"

Hey, please bring jonas L.a to disney channel again.. I can’t wait if jonas l.a season 3 will be start 🙂

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