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You can’t keep sisters as close as Aly and AJ Michalka apart for long!

Zap2it confirms that AJ has been tapped for a recurring role on her sister’s series, “Hellcats.” AJ, who recently appeared in Disney’s “Secretariat,” will make her CW debut in the second half of the season as a girl who works at a record store near Lancer University.

Of course, Aly and AJ are in a band together called 78violet – which was previously known simply as “Aly and AJ.” When AJ’s character befriends Marti, a musical connection is made, and The CW tells us that “a musical performance with the two is very likely.”

When Zap2it spoke with Aly at the Television Critics Association press tour over the summer, she told us that despite “Hellcats” filming in Vancouver, she and her sister remained as close as ever. “AJ is so excited about the show,” she said. “She’s sad that I’m in Vancouver so I’m away a lot, but we still talk every day and we’re still always working on our music together. One of the major differences between myself and Marti is that her relationship with her family is really volatile and can be sort of toxic, but I’ve always been incredibly blessed when it comes to my family. My mom and my sister are amazing.”

In fact, the music clip that plays during the “Hellcats” title sequence in each episode is a 78violet special. “We are definitely excited about the fact that me and AJ did the opening credits,” Aly told us. “The opening title sequence we wrote and recorded, which was a fantastic opportunity.”

AJ’s character’s name hasn’t been confirmed yet — nor has exactly which episode she’ll make her first appearance in — but she is expected to appear in several episodes.


Hey guys,

Call this mainly a possible publicity stunt to draw attention to a new My Chemical Romance album titled “Dangerous Days”, but singer Gerard Way has made a public statement dissing Miley Cyrus calling her a “lip-syncing child” because she stole the number one album from them on Billboard’s Chart back in 2006 (wow talk about holding a grudge).

The singer made made this public statement recently:

“I think it’s almost in the cards for us to be number 2.  We’ve never been number 1. We got our ass kicked by Miley Cyrus last time, back when nobody knew who she was … I felt like we’d worked towards it and it felt like it was in the cards. We expected it–like, who can beat us? A lip syncing child, that’s who.”

Whaaaaa!!! Cry us a river. So you got your butt tore up. Get over it and promote your new album properly and stop trying to use Miles in a negative way to draw attention to yourself.



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