Selena Gomez Shoots Down Justin Bieber Dating Rumors Again

Posted on: December 12, 2010

We sort of had a clue that this was just people reading what they wanted into a situation like they usually do where Biebs and Sel is concerned. That is why we did not give it much credibility and did not post anything about it. Sel has said on many occasions in  interviews that she thinks of Justin like her little brother. You have to remember that Sel is an only child and she does not have any siblings so it is natural for her to wish she had a little brother and Biebs happens to be it.

This latest round of garbage came about because they were seen at a Pancake house sharing pancakes and according some eyewitnesses getting “real cozy with each other and holding hands”. But Sel has shot down another round on this rumor track yesterday at the Z100 Jingle Ball.

“It was pancakes. Who doesn’t like pancakes?” Gomez said at Z100′s Jingle ball, where she and the Biebs both hit the stage. “We were both performing in the same place so we went and had pancakes together. That’s all it is. All innocent.”

“I love Justin. When he first started to come over from Canada his manager contacted me and he just said that he would like to meet me and he was just such a good kid,” she explained. “And I feel like a big sister now, ’cause I want to protect him. So I’m always very cautious with him, but he is so talented and he’s so sweet, so that just started us wanting to work together. Now he’s just become one of my good friends.”


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