Miley Cyrus’ ‘Edgier & Darker’ Wake Role

Posted on: January 11, 2011

Miley Cyrus' 'Edgier & Darker' Wake RoleMiley Cyrus' 'Edgier & Darker' Wake Role

Screenwriter Christopher Landon chatted with Shock Till You Drop supernatural thriller Wake based on Lisa McMann’s book series: ‘It’s sort of a vehicle for Miley Cyrus. She is looking to sort of get out of her cutesy Hannah Montana image, which she’s actually doing quite well. She wanted to do something a little edgier and a little darker, so we’re making this movie hopefully..

It’s about a teenage girl who has a rare form of narcalepsy. When she’s within a certain distance of someone sleeping, she passes out & goes into their dreams. It definitely has a spooky element to it. It’s slightly origin-story-esque.. She sees it as a curse. You know, something that she keeps very secret and hidden & as a result, has sort of isolated herself. Then, through circumstance she ends..

..up having to embrace it. She has to use it to solve a crime, if you will. It’s fun. We get to really play with the visual kind of thing. It’s not like ‘Inception’ where it’s very consistent because we’re going in and out of so many different people’s dreams and nobody dreams alike. Some of it will be animated.

Some of it will be really, really big with epic-looking stuff. Sometimes she lands in a dream where absolutely f*cking nothing is happening which, you know, is very true to life.’ Pictures of your Savior riding a motorcycle on set HERE!

Source: oceanUp


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