‘Miley Cyrus Ready To Light Up The World’

Posted on: January 30, 2011

'Miley Cyrus Ready To Light Up The World'

Rock Mafia interview with MileyCyrus.BZ. Does Miley sing in ‘The Big Bang’ at 1:34? Miley came in the studio many times and jammed on the big bang. She jams on almost everything we’re working on whenever she is around, but she does not sing on the song, the final version is only my vocals. We talked about doing it together but she thought that being an actress in the video made the strongest statement and I agree with her in the end, so we ran with that!

Will Miley leave Hollywood Records and sign with Rock Mafia? Not very likely, Rock Mafia doesn’t have a checkbook like Hollywood Records, I would love to sign Miley Cyrus, but she does have a deal wit Hollywood and she has a lot of smart business people around her, and whatever she decides, I’m sure it’ll be the best decision for her, but as of right now, no Rock Mafia is not signing Miley Cyrus. Miley will always be a part of Rock Mafia anyways.

Will you collaborate with Miley again? Entirely up to Miley, she can do whatever she wants, she knows her Rock Mafia family wants her to have huge success. Whenever she wants to come in, we stop whatever we’re doing, there’s nothing more fun than working with Miley, she’s always ready artistically to light up the world. Did anything funny happen during The Big Bang filming?

Maybe not funny, but the scary thing was when Miley was driving the car, they had to film the car wreck and they had this other guy in the car gunning towards Miley as fast as he could, I have to say we were all like: ‘is he gonna stop on time?!’

But he was a professional, so of course he did, but there was that moment where we were like: ‘What? That’s a bit too realistic.’ We were sitting with her manager and both of us were freaking out. But it’s cool, it all worked out great, I don’t think Miley was scared for one second, but I sure was.

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