Nick Jonas, ‘Had The Best A1C I’ve Ever Had!’

Posted on: February 23, 2011

Nick J, 'Had The Best A1C I've Ever Had!'

Nick Jonas Simple Wins blog: Happy New Year! I hope that everyone’s 2011 is off to a wonderful start. It’s been a busy month for me, coming off the holidays and getting back in the swing of things. This month I have been busy writing,

..recording, taking meetings and producing music, I can’t wait for you to hear the new stuff I’ve been working on. I’m looking forward to everything that 2011 has to bring. With all the possibilities of the New Year, it’s always important to keep managing my diabetes a priority. I had my A1C test a few days ago, and I

..had the best A1C I’ve ever had! I’ve been trying to stay active, eat right and test regularly, doing all this helps a lot with managing my diabetes. My Simple Win this month: Staying active and making sure to test regularly!
Source: OceanUp


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