More Miley Candids in Haiti

Posted on: February 27, 2011

 Exclusive interview with Miley by Gaëlle C. Alexis, and about how this interview became possible thanks to Twitter 🙂 It is only the first part of the interview, the official pictures and full interview will be in the Haitian Ticket magazine,

“The news haven’t spread in Haiti yet. It was on Twitter where the rumor of the visit had started. An employee of The Karibe Hotel posted a picture of Miley with the hotel in the background. With a photographer, I went to Karibe. After an hour of investigating subtly everywhere, we were sure about one thing: Miley is not at her hotel. I went on Twitter from my Blackberry, the only source that provided news, mostly unconfirmed. Immediately, someone from the “Teaching the World Online” posted a tweet that makes us think: “Petionville Club”. Nothing was confirmed, but we went there anyway. 20 minutes later we arrived. Quickly someone provided us an access to the most famous refugee camp of Port-au-Prince. Without any problem, they let us park our car next to two large 4×4 armored car. And we still didn’t know if Miley was there.

We were just there, following our intuition while our “appointment” still wasn’t confirmed. Anyway, we wanted our scoop of the day. About five minutes later, lost in the takeoff of a helicopter, a slight commotion brings our attention to a group of people who are moving towards us. We turned around … and saw her coming. Simple, no makeup, natural. In blue jeans, black shirt, a Canon camera, hair down, a big smile on her lips … I blinked twice before recognizing Miley Cyrus, the famous Hannah Montana for those who watch the series. We went closer to her. Frederick, the photographer took pictures of her while I smiled at her and reached with my hand to her, hoping her very muscular bodyguards, who were watching me, won’t stop (arrest) me.

When I was far, it was hard to recognize her, when I was closer there was almost no doubt that she was that daddy’s little girl, with a deep voice that enchants us as well as the millions of young fans around the world since 5 years now. Gently, she showed her pretty white teeth and agreed to pose with me and respond bluntly to the questions I was asking from her.

A man ran and shouted “stop”. Very soon, we learnt he was the representative of the “Sparkey Hearing Foundation” who brought Miley
and forbade us to use the pictures we took. Not really bothered, he explained that the Foundation wants to have control of all the photos of the visit of the actress and it’s up to him to provide us with images. And he will do it… 48 hours later! Although a little frustrated, I gave up.
But I’m glad of the two-minute interview she granted me in total exclusivity.

Quickly, the Hannah Montana superstar entered in a 4×4 armored car and the always-smiling Miley Cyrus gave us a big peace sign before leaving us, the photographer and I, at the Petionville Club, as if it was a dream.

My phone rang a few minutes later, and our “source” confirmed a session with Miley Cyrus at 7:30am tomorrow. Good news.
The photos will be up in the next “Ticket” magazine number.”


Why are you in Haiti right now?

I’m here with the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Today I distributed about 200 devices that will help deaf (hard of hearing) children to hear better.
I’m also good friends with Sean Penn who always invited me to visit the refugee camps here in Haiti.
I found some time and I came here with my mom. The children were happy to see me (laughs).
They were clutching into me and wanted me to take them all in my arms to carry them. I loved it!

When will you go back home?

Tomorrow night. Tomorrow morning we’ll do a little clearing, I don’t know exactly where and tomorrow afternoon I will visit some orphanages before going back home in the evening.

Do you visit every country with issues?

Currently my dad and I have a charity in Kentucky that helps disadvantaged people. We give our support, but now I want to do more and especially to see it with my own eyes.
So I can also help people who are perhaps my fans.

Do you plan on doing a show while you’re here?

No (laughs). Maybe another time or perhaps singing acapella for children in orphanages, but nothing big or official. I’m going on tour in early March. But I hope I can come back to your very welcoming country soon


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