Billy Ray ‘No Divorce, I Got My Miley Back’

Posted on: March 18, 2011

Billy Ray 'No Divorce, I Got My Miley Back'

Billy Ray Cyrus told The View: ‘I’ve dropped the divorce. I want to put my family back together.. Things are the best they’ve ever been. I feel like I got my Miley back. I feel like we’re the daddy and daughter we were before Hannah Montana. Hannah Montana didn’t ruin my family. Sometimes when you get in this ride, you feel like you’re strapped to a rocket.

..I would love to set the record straight. I love Hannah Montana. I love Disney. I love our fans who’ve been with us throughout this whole show. This has been an incredible journey. When life turns into more of an interview or something out of a page than what you’re living, then those lines can get blurred.. That didn’t tear my family apart. Now fame, fame is a different animal.. you’ve got to be careful with that thing because it can.. all things considered, hey, it’s all good.

My relationship with Miley is the best it’s ever been. I feel like I kind of got my Miley back in a way. I feel like we are the daddy and the daughter that we were before Hannah Montana happened. Our communication, we have laughed a lot in the last couple of days. I was talking to Miley last night and she was talking about New York and then I noticed that she felt. There was a sadness. She sent me a picture and I thought it looked like she’d been crying and I asked her and she said ‘Well there’s some stuff about a picture and they said I was drunk.

I went back and relooked at the picture, and I go ‘Baby, I’m sorry it’s just got to be tough. She said ‘It’s embarrassing. It hurts my feelings’ and she said, most importantly, ‘It was a lie. I wasn’t drinking. I wasn’t drunk. I was just trying to get to my car after a meeting. Communication, I think, is one of the biggest problems that we as human beings have in this whole world,” he added, “and I think for the first time me and my entire family are finally communicating with each other in a way.. Things are really the best they’ve ever been.’

Source: Oceanup


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