Miley, ‘My Job Is To Be Fake All The Time’

Posted on: April 5, 2011

Miley, 'My Job Is To Be Fake All The Time'Miley, 'My Job Is To Be Fake All The Time'

Miley Cyrus featured in Lima, Peru newspaper: ‘I’m an actress, my job is to be fake all the time‘. You hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ and acted like Justin Bieber and talked sarcastically about your critics. Were you laughing at what people say about you? ‘Yes, definitely. I was trying to laugh at the things that were..

..happening. Everybody is taking the things I do too seriously. What I tried to say on SNL was that I’m not afraid of making mistakes. I think that everyone can see that my life is very intense and they make a big deal out of it, when they should just chill & have a good time. They should laugh at themselves when they make mistakes.’ *They asked her if she thinks that she’s made mistakes and then..

..they tell her that they asked her that because of the pictures and all, then they ask her this: Do you have a problem with that? ‘It’s not a subject that I like to talk about, but it’s my life after all. I’m just an actress when I’m on set, my job is to be fake all the time. Hence, I have to be myself.’

Do you think fame is dangerous? ‘Yes. Especially on the internet. Comments on the internet hurt me. Literally, on the internet I feel a lot of cruelty and negative things. The only thing that’s left for me is to be offline to be well.’ Txh Cristina for the translation!

Source: OceanUp


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