Producer Gives Details On Joe Jonas And Chris Brown Collaboration

Posted on: April 16, 2011


The internet is going crazy at the moment with gossip about Joe Jonas collaborating with Chris Brown for his solo album. The news leaked via producer HitBoy, who tweeted a photo of the three of them at a session together. But news the world doesn’t know yet: one smash hit record Joe Jonas & Chris Brown collaborated on was masterfully produced by BRIAN KENNEDY. Titled “See No More,” this record is already a lock to be a very prominent song on Joe’s forthcoming solo album. And BK just gave us the inside scoop on how the killer collaboration happened:” I went over to play some music for Chris– he’s going to be working and recording non-stop this year. And Joe’s a nice guy, he was very like, kinda timid. CB and I were goin in on music and I could see he wants to be included. We’re listening to different stuff and Chris says to me, “You know, it’s Joe’s session”, and I was like “wait- I got something for Joe too you know.” “Joe,” I say to him, “what are you looking for?” Something gritty, he says to me. And I knew exactly what to play for him. I put on the track…. and everybody got just real quiet. When I feel the moment creatively I always know what to offer up. And interestingly, that was how it happened with the ballad “Shoulda Kisssed You”. I had twenty different song options to give Chris at that moment but my intuition’s saying….I need to play this one. Always go with your gut. The record ended up being just ridiculous. Stupid! Chris worked real hard with Joe to get those vocal melodies right- really pushed him. You’ll hear how he kills it. But man, (Chris) he’s real good at pushing everyone around him to bring their talents to the next level. That’s why I enjoy working with him.”


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