Debby Ryan on ‘Jessie’ beginning and ‘Suite Life’ ending

Posted on: May 7, 2011

It’s so hard to believe it’s finally coming to an end!

The finale of “The Suite Life on Deck” will air tomorrow night on Disney Channel at 8pm EST. The long running show will come to an end as Zack, Cody, London, Bailey, and their friends graduate. We’ve had so much fun watching all these characters and actors grow and we will definitely have to hold back some tears as the show ends.

We had the chance to chat with Debby Ryan all about the episode, what she think the characters would be like in 10 years and if she’s more like Bailey or her new character from her new show “Jessie.” She also gave us a special message for all of you.

Cambio: What can we expect from the finale, “Graduation on Deck”?
Debby Ryan: I think from the finale people can expect what they would expect from their graduation. It’s people that you’ve grown up with and seeing the next stage of their lives and how the last four years have affected them so much. Really with Zack and Cody and even Bailey, Woody and London, you’ve seen them grow so much in stages of their lives it’s interesting now to turn on an episode and see them at 12 years old and then think about how they have facial hair now and they’re 18. You’re seeing them go onto new things and in the finale Cody and Bailey have this pledge to go to Yale together but one of them doesn’t get in. You see Moseby and Tuttweiler making a life changing decision.

C: What was it like on the last day of set?
Debby: It was ultra dramatic. There was crying and pretending that we weren’t crying. Laughing about the fact that we were crying. It was just a whole mess of emotions. The thing is, whether or not you always liked each other, you love each other. You spend 12 hours a day 5 days a week with someone for the last 3 years of your life and you’re going to have such a bond with someone like no one you’ve ever met. It was dramatic but it was also amazing because we were all happy about the things we’re going onto in the future. It was bittersweet.

C: If we were to catch up with everyone in the future at say their 10 year reunion, where do you think they’d all be?
Debby: I think Bailey and Cody would be married and more in love than ever. They would probably have a prodigy science wiz kid…actually you know what? Because of how much Bailey and Cody love school and everything, they would probably have a kid…who just wants to be a rapper or something. I think that it would be really interesting to see that. London would be as London as ever. Moseby and Tuttweiler would hopefully have a great life as well. Woody would be a stud. He’d be an international movie star with his signature afro and a hardcore 8 pack. I don’t doubt that at all. It’d be cool.

C: Do you have a favorite memory from working on the show?
Debby: I love the episode where Bailey gets to dress like Zahria and I kind of am playing a girl inside of a girl. That was definitely memorable. I feel like “Breakup in Paris” was iconic too. It was really an emotional dramatic episode. It was a little more network showy like the CW. It had dramatic elements like you’d see on a different station. There were a few iconic moments.

C: When the show ended, did you keep anything from set?
Debby: Yeah, I took tons of Bailey’s wardrobe. The dress that she wore during her first kiss with Cody. I have her prom dress. There were a few really iconic moments, those outfits. Then I have some of the stuff she wore day-to-day ilke Ihe outfit she wore when she babysat the kids and things like that. So wardrobe and I have a couple ceramic pigs that Dylan and Cole bought me ala Bailey.

C: What advice do you have for kids graduating this year?
Debby: Don’t rush it. Don’t start your graduation month looking forward to walking on that stage but really spend it looking back on how much you’ve grown and how much you’ve changed and the people that have helped you come where you are. It’s so easy to look forward to the future and that’s always what you should do and never dwell in the past. But I feel like a big part of growing and really embracing change in the next stage in your life is realizing where you used to be and then where you are now so that you can get to where you’re going.

C: How is Jessie going to be different from Bailey?
Debby: They’re both rad…just super rad chicks. Bailey grew up in the same town her whole life so everything is monumental for her a little bit. As it should be. Jessie, however, moved around a bit and her dad’s in the military so she’s strong and she’s not in your face about it. She has this kind of hidden strength but she’s not afraid to tell the kids “drop and give me 20.” She loves so much and she has this huge maternal part of her. She goes about it in an often tough love kind of way. She can sing one of them to sleep one night and then make them do 20 pushups the next day. So she’s got a really great balance as far as for a nanny and for a chick. She’s strong but she’s also very much still a chick which is great.

C: Which one are you more like?
Debby: I feel like I’m more like Jessie. I moved around a lot growing up and I have an older brother. I’m tough. Bailey is pretty tough herself but I moved around a lot and saw the world before I was like 10 and I feel like when you do that and you live that kind of life, you’re captivated by the beauty in every day things where as Bailey had visions of splendor. Yeah, I’m more like Jessie.

C: Any message for your fans?
Debby: I love you punks! They’re just amazing and you guys, thank you so much…punks is a term of endearment. They’ve watched me grow since day one as an actress and have really supported me and I’m excited to take them on this next leg of my journey. To share with them my cast and introduce my cast to them and kind of break that gap. I think it’s going to be a really cool show and thank you guys for always being there. I follow you guys on twitter and you have such amazing dreams and goals for your life and such amazing strength. The way that you think and the way that you talk amazes me. You’re each stars in your own right. Keep that up!

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