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Abbie Cobb smiles cheek-to-cheek as she snaps a pic with Joe Jonas in this new still from JONAS L.A.

In the upcoming episode “The Flirt Locker,” when a well-known celebrity blogger (Cobb) agrees to review Joe’s movie, so Joe decides to flirt with her to prove to Stella (Chelsea Staub) that his charm is universal.

The blogger gets the wrong idea, and thinks she and Joe are dating, so Stella and Macy (Nicole Anderson) have to come up with a plan to get Joe out of the “relationship.”

Meanwhile, Nick meets with a big music producer and Big Man trains Kevin to help get his flip back.

“The Flirt Locker” premieres Sunday, August 29 @ 9PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

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“Hannah Montana Forever” is getting a dose of reality — at least in the form of one of the highest-rated late-night comedians on TV. According to a new report from Disney InfoNet, Miley Cyrus’ popular character will be appearing on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”.

There is no word on when exactly this episode of “Hannah” will air, or what the famous character talked about with Leno (who isn’t exactly one of the most-loved figures in America right now thanks to the whole Conan O’Brien issue).

Are you excited to see what Jay Leno will bring to “Hannah Montana” later this season?

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Ashley Tisdale watches her step with her sky-high Louboutin heels as she leaves her home on Thursday afternoon (July 29) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 25-year-old actress, wearing J Brand “912″ pencil leg jeans in Indio paired with an Enza Costa “Tunic Layer Tank,” actually just sold her first movie from Blondie Girl Productions to ABC Family!

She shared with JJJ, “I’ve actually just sold my first movie to ABC Family, which I’m not in, and it’s really exciting, because it’s hard. When I do production meetings, they always ask if I’m going to be in it. For this one, I told them ‘no, I don’t want to be in it I just want to produce something’ and they told me, ‘Oh, ok cause that’s really hard to sell.’”

Ashley continued, “Everybody who wants to buy something from my brand usually wants me in it and I really want to establish my production company being separate. I just want to do something, have ideas and come up with you know reality shows and this movie that we’ve just sold to ABC Family I’m really excited about.”

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