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Chloe Bridges made for TV movie, Worst Prom Ever, will premiere on MTV on May 10! The film will be based on the producers and their “horrible” prom experience.

It will also star Daryl Sabara and Haley Ramm. The movie is part of MTV’s new push to premiere an original made for TV flick every quarter.

Sounds like MTV is taking a page out of Disney’s book with Original Movies. This one sounds kinda fun, can’t wait for a preview!



Chloe Bridges line of bangles slide across her forearm as she waits for her car outside Kiss Lounge in Hollywood on Saturday night (October 9).

The 18-year-old Camp Rock 2 starlet was seen out recently at the 2010 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party with costar and fellow HP fan Meaghan Martin.

Chloe and her other Camp Rock costar Jordan Francis dined at PF Changs on Sunday night (October 10) with her mom.

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Jonas Brothers & Meaghan Martin: Camp Rock 2 in ONE DAY!

The whole cast of Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam sit down with Radio Disney host Ernie D for an extra special take over straight from the set of the film in Toronto.

Ernie D got the lowdown from stars the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Meaghan Martin, Alyson Stoner, Matthew “Mdot” Finley, Chloe Bridges, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, Roshon Fegan, and Jordan Francis dished about rituals, the funniest scenes and who really tells the best jokes on set.

Demi dished, “Most of the time, Nick is making the jokes and Joe is repeating them and then everyone laughs.”

Nick added on, “I write the jokes, I say them under my breath, Joe listens to them and then says them out loud.”

Be sure to tune into the “On the Set” special TODAY, September 2 @ 6PM ET/3PM PT only on Radio Disney.
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Chloe Bridges: My Lips Walk Into a Room Before I Do
Chloe Bridges is completely honest and we love her for it.

In a recent mini-interview with Savvy mag, the 18-year-old actress dished on the thing she never leaves home without, her ideal leading man and one of her most favorite quotes. Check it:

On words to live by: “I have so many favorite quotes. Let’s see…Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. – Howard Thurman.”

On who’d she love to star alongside: “Chris Pine. Just because I think we’d look good together, don’t you?”

On the thing she always has to have with her: “Chapstick. I have this prominent feature on my face — I don’t know if you’ve noticed — but, well, they’re my lips. They tend to walk into a room before I do because they’re larger than average! So Chapstick’s a big one for me.”

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“Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam” stars Meaghan Martin and Chloe Bridges took a break from doing press in New York City last week to do a little shopping. The duo check out some of the latest styles and shared with AP what styles they’re into.

“I am obsessed with back-to-school shopping,” said Chloe. “I would circle everything I liked and dog-ear the catalogs.” Meaghan added, “I would be all dressy and then, by the last day of school, I’d be in sweats.”

Meaghan isn’t a big shopper but shared, “when I shop, I REALLY shop!” So what fashions are the girls into?

“I take trends with a grain of salt,” Meaghan says. “Last fall, we were told that skinny jeans were out, but I didn’t stop wearing them.” Chloe likes to wear heels and dress it up a bit more. “I feel uncomfortable in a sweatshirt. How ironic is that?”

If you’re looking for some great back-to-school style tips, make sure to check out Cambio Style. Find out what back-to-school styles are in, find out how to get high fashion at a low price, and check out the Jonas Brothers Style Ambush special.

Check out more of Meaghan and Chloe’s Q&A below. What fashion trends do you think are “in” this year?


Do you like to wear basic black or bright colors?

Black — and white — for Martin, maybe with a little salmon or orange thrown in; and Bridges prefers neutral tones of khaki and olive.

Stripes or plaid?

Stripes, definitely. Both of them.

Leather or denim jacket?

Bridges has dilemma with leather jackets: Every time she thinks she finds the perfect one, she’ll find another one that’s even better. On this day, however, she goes home with a jean jacket in her bag.

Martin would rather wear a boyfriend blazer — and that’s just what she bought.

Flip-flops or sneakers?

“Do sandals count?” asks Bridges. Back in high school in New Orleans, she allows, she wore white Keds.

Martin likes dressier, leather flip-flops, not plastic ones — and Sperry Top-Siders.

Messenger bag or backpack?

Messenger bags, for sure. Bridges says she carried the same black one throughout high school. Martin had one, too, but switched to a leather tote somewhere along the line.

Preppy or skater?

At Martin’s school in Las Vegas, the skater look was more popular than preppy, although her self-described “granny” style fit in better with the preps.

Bridges was preppy until she tried to make the switch to Vans and OP when she moved to California. “It didn’t work out so well,” she says with a smile.

Source: Cambio.Com


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