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Joe Jonas chatted with MTV at the US Weekly Hot Hollywood Style party last night, April 26, in Los Angeles. They discussed Joe’s partnering with Chris Brown on Joe’s upcoming solo album.
The guys did a song together called “See No More”. Joe said, “It’s on the album, and people are going back and forth; we’re all trying to figure out singles right now. But it was a great experience. Chris is such a talented dude”.
Joe also said, “We were able to collaborate really well together, and the vibe in the studio was really chill; just two musicians writing together.”


According to Breathe Heavy, Britney Spears wrote three new songs for Selena! One was discarded and the other two Britney wrote specifically for her!

“Britney wrote three songs for the Selena’s new album, one of which was rejected but the other two were just for her.” Revealed Dr. Luke who told Teen Vogue magazine.

“The lyrics are like a drug, very addictive, easy, fast, sexy and very provocative.” Added Kevin.

Bella Thorne, 'Demi Lovato Is Brave'Cuban star Bella Thorne to LATINA on following in the footsteps of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez: ‘I’m excited to be following in their footsteps. I’m proud to be Latina and be on Disney Channel and I’m honored that I can represent Latinas everywhere. I think my dad would be proud too, he used to say..

..I was his Latina princess.. I do look up to both of them. I met Demi briefly when I visited Sonny With a Chance. She was kind and wished me well on our show. {She} is a beautiful, talented girl who happens to be moving on in her career. She’s a brave girl. She’s dealing with her issues and I respect that. I wish her the I’ve worked with Selena a few times and she is not only kind, but very professional. She has lived a very happy, successful life and has always been considerate of her fans. She has done a wonderful job managing her career and keeping herself real, she is very talented, a hard worker and a perfectionist.’

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Vanessa Hudgnes, 'I Swear A Lot'Vanessa Hudgens told UK’s Fabulous: ‘I’ve definitely got a wicked side. I have what I call ‘sailor mouth’. I can get very gangster at times. I used to be very timid. Now I’m my own person. I don’t feel pressure to look a certain way. My weight fluctuates, like any normal girl. If anyone told me to lose weight, I’d say f**k you and walk away.’

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