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Taylor Swift Talks Taylor Lautner Breakup

Taylor Swift New York Magazine interview: ‘I think a lot of people expected me to write a song about [West]. But, for me, it was important to write a song to him. It doesn’t really add anything good if I start victimizing myself and complaining about things. Because I’m proud of that performance at the VMAs last year,

..where my fans helped me get through it. And there was a lot that went down backstage that I will always be thankful for, and the fans in the subway know exactly what happened that night. I feel everything. I’ve never had this thick skin that can’t be… It’s not like I am bulletproof in any sense of the word.’

On ‘The Story of Us’ about Taylor Lautner: ‘It was at an awards show, and there had been this falling-out between me and this guy. I think both of us had so much that we wanted to say, but we’re sitting six seats away from each other, just fighting this silent war of ‘I don’t care that you’re here,’

..I remember getting home and sitting at the kitchen table, and saying to my mom, ‘It was like I was standing alone in a crowded room.’ That’s when my eyes glazed over, and I got distracted and walked away to write. ‘My mom is used to me doing that.’

I think I’ve developed, as many people do, this sense of ‘Don’t say the wrong thing, or else people will point at you and laugh. In your personal life, that can lead to being guarded and not making what you feel clear in the moments that you’re feeling it. For me, it’s never really fearing saying what’s on my mind in my music, but sometimes having a problem with it in life. Sometimes you lose the moment.’

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Taylor Swift Song About Joe Or Taylor L?

Taylor Swift Entertainment Weekly feature. Did Taylor write about Taylor Lautner and Joe Jonas? ‘You can’t ask me that! But I think most of the songs are self-explanatory about who they are about. I can’t write songs without them being detailed. ‘The Story Of Us’ is about the conflict and awkwardness.. feel when running into an ex in public. ‘Back to December’ is the ‘first time I’ve ever apologized to anyone in a song. I was careless with a boy’s heart, and I should not have been’. She reportedly broke up with Lautner around Christmas last year. FULL article @ TaylorSwiftWeb.

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Taylor Lautner & Selena 'Held Each Other'

VERY IMPORTANT! Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez embraced in a cozy hug at the Teen Choice Awards and because of that supporters believe that they are dating again. An audience member told Radar Online: ‘They both ran to each other and gave each other a huge hug in front of everyone.

They rocked from side to side as they held each other. They were beyond happy to see each other and looked thrilled and had the biggest smiles on their faces. [It ended when] Someone tapped them on the shoulder and asked if they could pose for a photograph so they put their arms around each other and smiled.’ Taylor Swift, gave Taylena a shout out during her acceptance speech: ‘Hi Selena! Hi Taylor!’

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Taylor Lautner Sara Hicks Back Together

Taylor Lautner is back together with his on & off-again high school sweetheart Sara Hicks, reports Life & Style: ‘Taylor and Sara are definitely back on. She’s absolutely gorgeous, and Taylor has always had a thing for her.’

Sara Tweeted, July 6: ‘saying goodbye SUCKS.. sitting in the airport bathroom by myself. I’m a mess,‘ just a few days after Tweeting that she was going on vacation. Taylor wasn’t spotted during the same period of time.

Showbiz411 claims that 20th Century Fox has been eying up Taylor Lautner for the next X-men movie, X-men: First Class. No surprise there, he’s young, an extreme martial artist, extremely attractive, and one of the biggest names in Hollywood right now.

The only problem is that the 18-year-old is beyond busy and currently filming an action/thriller titled Abduction and he starts shooting the final two Twilight movies, Breaking Dawn, in October.

If he does land a role in the film, he’ll be joining James McAvoy who’ll be playing a young Professor X and Michael Fassbender who will be playing a young Magneto. X-men: First Class will take place in the early years of the two mutants.

Taylor being cast could bring in a wave of Team Jacob girls to swoon over him and bring in some big numbers to the already bound to be blockbuster film.

Would you like to see Taylor as a mutant?

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There was a lot of drama on set of the latest Twilight movie, Eclipse, between Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. No worries guys, the drama was strictly acting, but it did cause some spit swapping that made things a little awkward

“We’re always like an inch away from each other’s faces, screaming at each other, spitting at each other in the face. It gets a little awkward,” Taylor Lautner says.

Gross (unless you’re thinking about it in a crazy fan kind of way in which case you’re thinking ‘LUCKY!’)

“Not anything super dramatic, but I’m sure he caught a couple of splats.”

Sounds a bit awkward, most people would probably start laughing. How do they handle it?

“Rob and I ruin a lot of takes. It’s hard to keep a straight face, because we actually like each other. So, it’s pretty funny.”

I’m sure we’ll feel the anger when we see the film which, by the way, comes out in theaters TOMORROW!

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