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Hey there fans,

Miles has been named one of the highest earning young actors in Hollywood according to one report. She is stated as being only second to Robert Pattison. This is based solely on the movie box office totals and does not factor in her music career.

It all boils down to popularity according to the report. Miles is popular and producers and directors are taking advantage of that fact. Also the trend these days are for younger actors and actresses instead of the older stars of yesterday.

That is good news for Miles it seems. Congrats to her all around. She is amazing at just about everything she does


Hey there fans,

Admist all the speculation about what is going on in the Joe and Ashley relationship, we do have confirmations that Ashley was there with Joe. The above picture is confirmation of that,.

From the Twitter reports that we have received it is being said  by people that were at the show that Joe and Ashley were hugging and kissing. So like we said in our previous post about the possible breakup, nothing is yet confirmed on it. We hope to find out for sure about this and let you guys know, but as it stand right now it is just rumor.



Demi Lovato sent her fans into a panic this weekend after she shockingly deleted her Twitter account, and then pulled out of The Jonas Brothers / Camp Rock 2 concert in Peru, citing “health reasons”!!

Rumours started to spread about the young Disney star that she had been diagnosed with Asthma, she had gotten pregnant, and/or that she got into a fight with some members of the Jonas family, however, spoke to a source who claims to know the truth behind everything…

“[Demi] is mentally drained right now. She’s been through a lot emotionally over the past few weeks, and with her asthma affecting her vocal cords, it was decided that she should just head home and take a little breather. As for the rumours about her fighting with Jonas executives, that is not true, and they have supported her decision to rest. [Demi] will address everything shortly herself.”

Demi, who was bullied as a child in school, has an alleged history of “cutting herself“, and has been linked to sometimes drinking a little too much at various parties with her celebrity friends.

It’s good that her people recognize she needs time to rest away from the public eye, and maybe she’ll even find that new “regular guy” she has been longing for?!


Bella Thorne gets a little magical in her Rosetta the Fairy costume as she attends the premiere of Megamind held at Mann’s Chinese 6 Theater in Hollywood on Saturday afternoon (October 30).

The 13-year-old Shake It Up! sweetie and two of her best friends Pia Mia Perez and Kathryn Newton all dressed up as fairies from Tinker Bell!

What do you think of their fairy costumes?

Shake It Up! premieres November 7th @ 8:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

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