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Alyson Stoner stopped by the Jayeoni Moore’s Celebrity Baby & Big Kid Pre-Oscar gifting suite yesterday, February 25!

Alyson is also debuting a somewhat new look. It looks from these pictures that she has dyed her hair a darker color!



Alyson Stoner NEW LOOK

Alyson Stoner On Beautiful Joe & Ashley

Alyson Stoner Alloy interview. On touring w/ Jonas Bros: During his workout sessions before the shows, Joe would wear like five layers of trash bags that would help burn that many more calories as a way of punishing himself in case he was eating really unhealthy beforehand. But he was always training and like super focused, super amped and excited.

What is Joe like with Ashley Greene? I haven’t really seen or heard much about Twilight, so I had no preconceptions [of Ashley]. But she’s so genuine. I felt like she and I would’ve been in the same high school in Ohio. She’s really down to Earth, very welcoming, super adaptable to any situation, didn’t try and steal the spotlight, definitely knew her place while we were on tour. They have a way of communicating with each other which is really beautiful. I think they met each other at a right time in their lives.

What’s been your most embarrassing date moment? I’ve never been on a date, so I can’t answer that question! I made a commitment to myself not to date ’til I’m at least 18 years old, or when I’m physically, emotionally, and spiritually ready to invest time, emotions, and money into another person. It’s a road less traveled, but I’m very grateful for it. I’ve learned a lot by protecting my heart and keeping my guard up and preserving the gift that I have to offer only for my husband.

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Talk It Out with Alyson Stoner on!

Alyson Stoner is a dancer, singer, actress and now, we can call her an advice columnist, too!

The 17-year-old triple threat caught up with JJJ earlier this week to talk about “Talk It Out,” a new web series which is geared toward helping teen girls go through the growing pains that they face day-to-day.

Alyson shared with us, “Before I left for tour, I teamed up with Tampax and Always for the show. It’s a show for girls, by girls. You can connect with others, play some games and chat. It’s all about feeling confident with who you are.”

She added, “These are all issues that I struggle with and am continuing to learn about as I grow up. This is a safe environment where I trust the girls that are sharing; the vulnerable details, the intimate details of life that people aren’t really comfortable with sharing. I didn’t have a site like this growing up where you can talk about things that you’re not comfortable sharing with your mom right away and stuff like that. It’s really nice to know that there is a safe place online for girls to talk about stuff like that.”

Be sure to check out for all the “Talk It Out” episodes and stay tuned for more of our interview with Alyson!

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